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India or England? Who deserve the No.1 tag more?

Posted by anccricket on July 30, 2011 at 6:50 AM

We have heard above phrases time and again by various TV commentators. But they them selves seem to have forgotten this, especially from English side. India lost a test match and it seems heaven has fall down and people have already tagged England No.1 side of the test playing nations. I am simply amazed and utterly surprised by the former English players’ statements since Lord’s test was over. There was no second thought that India lost the test match and lost it very badly. But series has just started. You want to be number one; you are most welcome, if you deserve to be. But you can’t be No. 1 on beating a No. 1 side in one match.

As per ICC, England need to have clear gap of two wins at the end of the series to be No.1. This is just one win and three more tests are to go. How can you start speaking like this on the first place after just one test? We have seen in past that Indians are always slow starters during foreign tours. This may not be any different series. If we do not go far, just look at last series between these two countries in England, India just hung on to a draw in first test and then went on to win the Nottingham test and then won the series. But English Ex Cricketers, who actually should be more cautious then fans, are writing off Indians just on performance of first test, as if Englishmen are playing against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. The first test performance was poor and it should be condemned. But one should not ignore the fact that it went on till last session, had few of Indian batsmen stuck to their tasks and avoid being against their natural batting style or not playing bad shots, this could have been an easy draw. I am not saying because I am an Indian, but this has happened in past, against New Zealand, when Gautam Gambhir played for eight hours or so and made a draw possible. Remember, India won the series there too, so this can be a repeat of it.

But English greats and two African greats are thinking otherwise. Geoffrey Boycott who always been an admirer of Indians and a biggest critic of English team, as suddenly changed sides , sensing his team has greater chance to be No.1 this time, he has already written an obituary for India. He said that, “this is beginning of India’s end and England will be No. 1”. I wonder, how come a former test player like Boycott, who has seen more ups and downs of the game then any one else and who was also part of a team which beat Australia after getting follow on, can say like this? Yes one can understand if India is 0-2 down, but based on first test results? It’s shocking.

Another legendary cricketer and all time great all rounder, Ian Botham has gone even one step forward. He said, “We are now un officially No.1”. Again the same question, after only one test? If that is the case then why this test series has to be four match series and not one off? One of the best fast bowlers of all time, Allan Donald also joined Sir Botham and said, “England deserved to be No. 1”. Why? Because your country South Africa doesn’t deserve it to be? What is your parameters Donald sir to call some team No 1? I can sense only one parameter; it should be a non Indian / sub continental team. Another shocker came from Nasser Hussain. When he is in commentary box of an Indian TV channel, he is so nice, even questions third umpire’s decision to give not out Kevin Pietersen because of lack of “strong evidence”. But when Times of India interviewed him, he says, “M.S.Dhoni’s team doesn’t value their No.1 rank”. Oh my god!! If they do not value then how come they are still No. 1 and not lost a series for almost two years now? And how will Englishmen value it? By keeping it at Lord’s museum and not allowing any one to touch it?

The same English people and media always criticized Aussies and Indians not being sporting enough, over appealing, faking injuries. But what about English coach, Zimbabwean, Andy Flower barring Monty Panesar from giving net practice to Sachin Tendulkar? So when some one else is on top, you expect them to be sporting, but when you are nearing on the top spot, you can be unsporting. Applause!!

I have never seen even Australian media and their ex cricketers in recent past, talking like this. Even during that Sydney test incident, most of the Australian journalists and cricketers took side of Indians rather then Australians. Then why this time the past English players are so much over boarded and giving interviews like this? Reason, what I can see is very simple. This is first time may be in history despite being starters of the game, if not in history then since the incorporation of ICC rankings, England has best chance to become No. 1. England never won a world cup of cricket, despite being founder of it. They have been at finals for many times but always been on the losing side. Boycott, Botham both were on loosing side when England were in a World Cup finals in past. They only have one big trophy in their show case and that is T20 world cup. But we all know how much a T20 championship trophy values against ICC Cricket World Cup trophy or a No. 1 spot in a test match. So this is their desperation which is showing up. They want to be at top at any cost. Hence they are feeling that by doing this, they will demoralize Indian team and buck up their home side. There is nothing wrong in losing No.1 position, if India is to after the series. But then there should be some calmness. Be No.1 no one is stopping you but first make hard work of it.

It is good if we say less about Indian media and ex cricketers. They make our team hero to zero on one performance. But after seeing this, they should take leaf out of English cricketers’ book and start reporting positive about our team and rally behind them. Stop giving undue importance to those ex English cricketers who can’t say at least one good thing about our team. We are still No.1 and chances of England taking over are still less. India needs to win at least a test to crash English dreams. Criticize you team on their bad performances, but do not overdo it. I know our players watch/read neither English nor Indian media, but this may change their way of thinking and start watching Indian media, at least.

We the fans know that we got a very cool captain. We have always seen in recent past that Indians are nervous starters on a foreign tour. Not only that against South Africa at home too, they lost first tests twice and able to come back. Yes, we have some injuries to worry about, but the cool captain at helm with world’s strongest batting line up, and with our support till the series is decided, we can still win a test or two from here. Let the Englishmen do what they are known for, but before this series is decided there is no need to panic. We must be behind our team and cheer them up. We know we can’t go and play for them, it’s them who are going to play and win series for us.

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